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Mad Honey

  “Mad Honey” is Honey Harvested From the Rugged Mountains of Nepal and it Can Make You Hallucinate   Here is why it’s one of the most expensive on the planet    The treacherous mountains of the Himalayas. In the Kaski district. It’s the ancient art of honey hunting. Unlike harvesting honey under normal conditions, […]

SHOCKING: Black Seed Fighting COVID-19 Shows Promising Signs in Stage 3 Study

Some think it’s folk medicine. Others swear by it.   In the Middle East they call it Habbatal Baraka, the blessed seed. Or Habbat Assawda, black seed. Around the world there are over 50 different names for it. Black seed, as it’s commonly known in the U.S., has a bitter taste. Throughout the Middle East, Asia and Africa black seed is used […]

Vitamin D Linked to COVID-19 Survival , Study Suggests

Preliminary studies suggest higher Death rates from COVID-19 may be linked to vitamin D deficiency   Shocking scientific findings are now being made public about COVID- 19 and the possible link to vitamin D deficiency.  Studies suggest vitamin D deficiency is likely linked to COVID-19 Deaths.  Coronavirus deaths and infections seem to be higher in […]

CO V ID 19 Unlock the Secret Health Benefits of this 2000 Year Old Remedy They Keep Banning From Social Media

It’s an AMAZING HEALING plant. Recorded in history as a “cure all” and said to be found in the tomb of King Tut. So what’s this mysterious plant going viral and getting banned from social media? The powerful plant that has everyone whispering about? What were talking about is the black seed. Or nagilla sativa. […]