Here is how to get your FREE raw cranberry (and blueberry) honey sent DIRECTLY to your door



“Theres something AMAZING about the taste of raw cranberry honey as it melts in your mouth.”

Do you like honey? Me too. That’s why I want to tell you about cranberry honey. How you can get some for free.

I have to confess though… I never tasted cranberry honey until recently. Even though all this time it was hidden in plain sight.

And the verdict is in. It tastes delicious. SUPER delicious.

But before I talk about mouth watering cranberry honey let me tell you about Cape Cod Massachusetts. Where cranberry honey is produced.

Cape Cod is such an amazing place.

As a kid growing up in the city, one of the coolest experiences that I vividly remember was traveling to visit Cape Cod every summer.

That was back when times were much simpler.

I can still remember the calm warm summer breeze. And the smell of the beaches of Cape Cod. Me and my older brother swam in the ocean all day. Then ate lobster sandwiches and soft serve ice cream at night.

For those who don’t know, New England seafood and lobster is the best on the planet. 

But lobster and seafood aren’t the only things New England is known for. Another food native to the area are cranberries.

Cape Cod cranberries are really delicious and harvested between September and October.

The cranberries from “the Cape” (short for Cape Cod for non New Englanders) are found in some of the most famous name brand juices in your local supermarket.



What’s the deal with antioxidants?


Cranberries have been proven to have lots of antioxidants.

The thing about antioxidants is that as a child your body naturally produces lots of them.

As you age your body stops producing them naturally.

So the only way to get them into the body is through foods we eat or daily supplements.

One of the greatest benefits of eating cranberries is that they are really high in antioxidants.

Here’s where the story gets sticky…

The sweetest part to this story is hidden in plain sight.

Whats happening as the cranberries are growing is that natures hardest working creature is buzzing around 24 hours a day.

Honey bees are gathering nectar from the cranberries for the winter and converting it into honey.

In doing this they are also pollenating cranberries which crucial for to have a better crop of cranberries. 

It’s a natural process that benefits them and us.

But also in this process they are bringing together two powerful antioxidants: cranberries and honey.

And from the bee farm in Cape Cod we package the highest quality cranberry honey in the world. 


As a gesture for you to taste this honey for yourself please accept my small gift to you.


Some free raw honey.

Our mouth watering Raw Cape Cod Cranberry Honey to be exact.  

Spread it over a piece of toast or put it in a cup of hot tea… if you like honey you’ll enjoy it once you try it. 

Simply fill out the form so we can send you your mouth watering honey.

You’re probably saying “yeah right why is he sending me free honey?” Good question.

Well that’s because I’m confident that when you try it you’ll want more. It’s THAT delicious.

And based on my previous experience, I’m sure that once I send out samples, the honey we have to sell this year will likely sell out pretty fast.

We’re working on a first come first served basis. That goes for both the samples and the honey. Once it’s gone its gone.

So to get your free raw cranberry honey just fill in the your information below and we’ll send you your honey ASAP.

And as an added bonus you’ll taste some of our (just as equally mouth watering) Boston Blueberry Honey.

It’s another local blend that is just as good as the cranberry. You’ll decide for yourself. 

Just fill in your information and claim your free honey now.

Ships out in a day or two.  Enjoy,



-Brother By Nature

*Limit one per household. U.S. residents only. Restrictions Apply.